The Redacted Files (Interview)

Aser and Megan were excited to have the chance to talk to Todd Crapper about his kickstarter for Vision Layers, and what it means for the future of RPG PDF accessibility. Vision Layers adds layers to PDFs to allow for the user to change the font, adjust colors, and make the document more screen reader friendly, while still only releasing one file.  Todd has teamed up with a huge variety of publishers for an initial release; with Timewatch from Pelgrane, CAPERS from Nerd Burger Games, Fate Condensed from Evil Hat, and Ninja Crusade from Third Eye Games already unlocked. 

Please give this kickstarter a look and your support to show publishers that there is an interest in accessibility! We have really high hopes of seeing this method used in all RPG books in the future. 

Vision Layers is running until December 12!

Broken Ruler Games

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We were very excited to sit down with Monte Cook to talk about the new Heroes of the Cypher System kickstarter, super heroes, what heroes look like in 2020, monsters, and the evolution of the Cypher System. 

You can find Heroes of the Cypher System on kickstarter through December 11, 2020. As we mention in the interview, every MCG kickstarter is a great deal!

Learn more about the Cypher System at the Monte Cook Games website or on Twitter!

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Aser, Jonn, and Megan chatted with Dr. Joseph Carr about his new game, Sengai Jidai: The Age of Thousand Realities! This game is inspired by the Sengoku period of Japanese history, It uses Fate, one of our favorite systems, to bring in a fractured reality, which means you're just as likely to battle a cyborg as you are a kaiju. 

Sengai Jidai is live now on Kickstarter!

You can read more on the Sengai Jidai blog. Also check out Joseph's other adventures: The Adventure of Salt and Sand, The Adventure of The Encounter at Farside, and Sidetrek: Mountain Locusts

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Today we're joined by Pete Petrusha of Imagining Games to learn more about his game currently on Kickstarter - Rest in Pieces! Rest in Pieces is a dark comedy game where the Grim Reaper is your deadbeat roommate and you're stuck in the lease for one reason or another. Your misadventures as his slacker roommates are influenced by a two toned block tower. We love this concept, and are anxiously looking forward to the Cthulhu supplement. You can learn more in the Rest in Pieces Facebook group

Check out what you can get on Kickstarter now!

We're huge fans of the IGDN Diversity Scholarship, and they're currently raising money to support more marginalized designers make it to conventions like Metatopia! Read more and donate here

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This week we had the chance to chat with Pat Edwards of Apotheosis Studios about his project, The Red Opera. This 5e campaign and setting book is based on DiAmorte's heavy metal album of the same name, and builds a world of warlocks for your high level party to explore. We chatted about the campaign, the inspiration, and the bad choices your party can make when making deals with patrons. 

The Red Opera will be running through October 1, 2020, and you can find it on Kickstarter now!

You should also check out Pat's book Space Tripping, his podcast Let's Rewatch, or catch him streaming 5e on Geekly Inc's Happy Hell Hour on Tuesdays at 2 PM EST

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Survival of the Able is a new game on Kickstarter that puts disabled characters front and center. We were able to sit down with the creator, Jacob Wood to discuss the game, it's inspiration, and how disability plays a key role in the setting. 

"In Survival of the Able you’re a person with a disability living in a European almshouse when the Black Death arrives. Little is known about where the plague originated or how to stop it, but those who die from it are rising again—and they’re hungry for flesh. Since everyone else has succumbed to the plague, it’s up to a handful of you to make your way out of town and away to safety. You may not be the biggest, the strongest, or the fittest, but you're determined to survive."

You can find more from Jacob at Accessible Games or on Twitter



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We chat with Andreas Walters of Metal Weave Games about his latest Kickstarter project, an RPG based on the gorgeous game Hyper Light Drifter! The starter box for this game, as well as an art book are kickstarting now!

Sorry about the choppy audio!

Playtest Rules
Metal Weave Games
MWG Discord

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Aser and Megan are joined by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Philippe Menard, and Zeph, creators of The Fate Accessibility Toolkit. Join us as we chat about how an able-bodied person can use the toolkit, why it was created, and how much guide dogs love popcorn.

Interview with Elsa: 0:00:48

Interview with Philippe and Zeph: 0:26:03

You can find Elsa on Twitter @snarkbat, or through her website

Philippe can be found on Twitter @chattyDM or on

Zeph can be found on Twitter @szwibby or on Spooky Church

The Fate Accessibility Toolkit is available from and DriveThruRPG

Note: Aser and Megan contributed to the Fate Accessibility Toolkit. 

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This year at GenCon, Megan and Aser were on a panel about creating your own AP podcast! All of our advice was recorded for posterity, and you can hear all of our advice here. If you are interested in putting your toe in the water of podcasting, join our Discord for more information about the Community Feed TRF is working on beginning where we will host your recorded games!
Actual play podcasts, collectively the winner of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming 2018, have taken the RPG world by storm. And with their relatively low barrier to entry, they’re a popular way for gamers to share their stories with the world. In this panel, Rhi (The Magpies Podcast), Paulomi (Iron Hides), Megan T. (The Amber Clave), Aser (The Redacted Files), and Megan S. (Tabletop Potluck) will cover topics ranging from technical skills, narrative planning, podcast management, hidden costs, and both challenges and rewards of running your own show.
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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Barber at GenCon to chat about the new version of Blue Planet he is working on! We talk about the changes in the new version, the inspiration behind it, and the long history. You can playtest it now by getting a copy on DriveThru!

You can find Jeff on Twitter, at Biohazard Games, and at Gallant Knight Games.

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This year at GenCon we had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the creators of one of our favorite games. We chatted with Shane Ivey, Dennis Detwiller, and Scott Glancy about Delta Green, the horrors of Frontier Airlines, get rich quick schemes, and the stories behind one of the best games available! 

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We had the chance to chat with three of the people behind Evil Hat's newest game release: Fate of Cthulhu! We talk about new mechanics, time travel, the Cthulhu Mythos and more!

Joining us were PK Sullivan, who you can find online at his website or on twitter at @pk_sullivan, Sophie Lagacé who you can find online at her website or on twitter at @MechanteAnemone, and Stephen Blackmoore, who you can find selling his books on Amazon, including the latest in the Eric Carter series, on his website, or on twitter at @sblackmoore.

You can find the kickstarter by searching for Fate of Cthulhu or clicking here! We'll also be streaming a session on Friday, April 10th at 6:30 PM PDT, so join us on Twitch!

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We had the chance to chat with Johnathon Grach of Mongrel Games about his two person game currently on Kickstarter, Cut to the Chase! Aser and Megan both contributed scenarios for this nail-biting game so we hope you'll give it a look!

To hear an example of this game, check out Party of One! To learn more from Johnathon, check out his website and twitter. Let all of us know what monster you don't want to be chased by on twitter!

For more information visit The Redacted Files. To help support us, check out our Patreon. You can also find us on Discord. 

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We sat down with Pranks, a co-designer of Autonomic and performer on Autonomic Podcast to learn more about the game and show. Autonomic is a new RPG system with Indian and Ecuadorian influences designed for kids currently in development by Kat Kuhl and Pranks. You can learn more on their website!

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For more information visit The Redacted Files. To help support us, check out our Patreon. You can also find us on Discord. 

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We had the chance to chat with Taylor LaBresh about 13 Demon Princes, a LARP/RPG about Hell's favorite dating game show. Please check out the kickstarter, and don't forget to tweet for your chance to win an exclusive copy of the game before it ends on October 19th!
You can find Taylor in a huge number of places, including Riverhouse Games, Descent Into Midnight, and Itch
Also be sure to check out the other Kickstarters Taylor mentioned: 

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We sat down with Phil Vecchione from Encoded Designs and Misdirected Mark to talk about his new PbtA game, Hydro Hacker Operatives. In this hydropunk game, you work to build your neighborhood and steal water to make sure everyone has what they need to survive. You can get the Ashcan version on DriveThruRPG now, and look for the kickstarter in 2019!

Other links from the show:
Official Authority Twitter Account
Local 666 Twitter Account

Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Urban Gauntlet." (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

For more information visit The Redacted Files. To help support us, check out our Patreon.

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We sat down with Christoph Sapinsky to learn more about Free Spacer, a sandbox sci-fi RPG currently on Kickstarter. Free Spacer lets you play the crew of a ship, and gives options for pulling in most genres of sci-fi into your game! The Kickstarter ends on September 18th, so check it out ASAP!
"Free Spacer is a sandbox science fiction game about a crew of a commissioned starship in a quadrant wide cold war. There is exploration, trade, investigation, space combat, science projects, infiltration, and troubleshooting. We play to find out how the crew gets the job done, the choices they make, the rules they break, and the lengths they will go for their patrons."

You can also find Christoph on twitter!

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This year at GenCon we had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with David Reid from MetaArcade to learn about Cthulhu Chronicles, their new mobile adventure game using all of your favorite classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios. We learned about how the game play works, and how you can create your own game to put in their marketplace! I played this the whole way home and it's really great! You can find it for iOS in the App Store now!Screenshot of a successful roll. There's a wheel with the portions for success and fail marked, and the dial is in the successful range

Screenshot for loading screen of Cthulhu Chronicles, shows people searching in a misty forest

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Jonathan Tweet, designer behind such iconic titles as Ars Magica, D&D 3.0 and 13th Age talks to us about a game near and dear to his heart that's being reborn for a new generation and kickstarting now.

"With simple, story-forward rules and an intense, edgy setting, Over the Edge broke new ground in roleplaying games. When it was released over twenty-five years ago, it influenced a generation of game designers and spawned countless campaigns on Al Amarja.

Today, we’re bringing Over the Edge back with a new vision, new era, and new stories. We want you to be a part of that effort.

Return to the island you only think you remember."

You can find Jonathan on twitter @JonathanMTweet and Atlas Games @AtlasGames

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We sit down with John Marvin and Ash Law from Dread Unicorn Games to talk about their current Kickstarter project, The Overworld and Beyond. It includes two planar adventures, adventure hooks, a bestiary and more for 13th Age. 

You can find The Overworld and Beyond on Kickstarter until May 31, 2018. You can find more information on the Dread Unicorn Games website or on twitter!

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We had a great time sitting down to chat with James Walls, Rohit Sodhia, and Christi Garrett, all part of the leadership team at Lawful Good Gaming. Lawful Good Gaming is a group that brings together a community that runs a variety of RPGs online and in the person to raise money for charity. What to learn more? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

You can find Aser's game on October 28th here.

You can read more about LGG on Gnome Stew as well!

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OTherworlds logo text with an image of an elf conjuring a spell in her hands

We sat down on the last day of the convention with Vincent Baker, the designer of Otherworlds and the recently kickstarted card game Spellslingers, to talk about his games and a forthcoming project. Otherworlds is a fantasy adventure with a mix of sci-fi elements while Spellslingers is a fast-paced card game for up to ten players. Plus exciting news about a new Otherworlds kickstarter!

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We spoke to David Reid about his company's new app Tunnels & Trolls Adventures. Available now on Android and iOS with plans to come to Mac and Steam, this new platform aims to provide players a means of playing through RPG scenarios in the classic choose your own adventure format, including stories submitted by the community for sale, complete with stock art and sound effects. We get to see how the Adventure Creator works and what a finished adventure looks like on the PC. Their initial release brings players digitized versions of some of the first choose your own adventure modules from the venerable Tunnels & Trolls RPG, from veteran writers including Michael Stackpole. The Adventure Creator is expected soon.

You can download Tunnels & Trolls adventures for free now on your mobile devices! Apple Store. Google Play. 

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syrinscape logo

At GenCon, we spoke with Ben Loomes to discuss the history of the Syrinscape platform and how GMs can use the service to bring customized sound effects, ambient soundscapes and background music into their games both around the table and online. We learned about pricing for the new Starfinder sound sets and a new feature that will allow you to trigger effects on other devices anywhere around the world.

You can learn more about Syrinscape here!

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people on the bridge as it is in battle

We had the chance to interview Chris Birch from Modiphius at GenCon about the the new Star Trek Adventures RPG. He describes how the game duplicates the character-based narratives of the franchise by encouraging players to challenge their characters' values and build their own crew of familiar faces as they explore the unknown. We also get updates on Achtung! Cthulhu and some details about the forthcoming Fallout Miniatures game.

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In this interview at the very beginning of Gencon, when you could still find Starfinder for sale at their booth, James Sutter from Paizo answered some questions about how the rules in this new science fantasy role-playing game have been simplified to speed up play. He also explains how starships have been integrated into the game, the level of backwards compatibility designed into the system and some of the evolutionary developments that led from Pathfinder to Starfinder. Lastly, he also doesn't not announce something you might be able to look forward to in before too long by way of an iconic adventure path.

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While we were at GenCon last week, we had the chance to sit down with Monte Cook and get some more details about Numenera and Invisible Sun. In this interview, he discusses what the three new character types in the forthcoming Destiny will look like and how they might interact with the types from the core book, whose new incarnation will be called Discovery. We also asked him about how the cards in Invisible Sun will be used and hear about some of the other new products MCG brought to the convention.

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Aser and Megan had the chance to chat with Rob Stith from The Orpheus Protocol and Seraph Films about his Actual Play podcast, game system in development, and kickstarter that is currently running! You can find Rob on Twitter, on the Orpheus Protocol website, where you can find the in development rules for the game and listen to episodes. *Note* The Orpheus Protocol is currently experiencing some problems with iTunes, so if you look for it there or in the iOS Podcast app, you're going to end up with a podcast feed for Moron Gaming. You can access the episode by using a different app. 

Rob is also one of the writers for The Nightmare Gallery, a horror film starring Amber Benson, where she plays a professor searching for the truth about a student who went missing three years earlier. The kickstarter is running through July 4! Please check it out for all kinds of cool rewards. 

ob's Twitter: @lordofthestith
Seraph Films on Youtube:

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We sit down with Jonathan Tweet to talk about Clades, an educational card game to teach children (and adults!) a little bit more about evolution. We're also joined by Jeromy French.

You can find Clades on Kickstarter until December 6, 2016. You can find more information about the game and Grandmother Fish at the Grandmother Fish website. You can also follow Jonathan on Twitter!

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Last week we had the chance to play Upwind, a new game from Jeff Barber and Biohazard Games. This game is a "fable of lost science, elemental magic, and uncharted skies" that uses an inventive card mechanic in an original setting. Aser and I really loved the way the mechanics played out and can't wait to see this game launch on Kickstarter on October 11!

You can find Jeff and Upwind at the Biohazard Website or on Twitter

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We sat down with Marc Tassin of Mechanical Muse to learn more about his new Kickstarter for The World of Aetaltis, a 5e setting. We learned a lot about the new world and denizens of Thornwall, as well as the really great ideas Marc and his team have put together for magic and downtime. I'm really excited for when we can get our hands on these books because I think the ideas will really help to make 5e even better. 

Interested in Aetaltis? You can find them online here, or check our their Twitter Feed. The Kickstarter has launched and will be running until October 11. 

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We sit down over Skype with Caleb Stokes, the creator of Red Markets, a new RPG about economic horror and zombies. Since we recorded this, he's blown through several more stretch goals, so check it out on Kickstarter and follow him on Twitter for more information. 

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Lil' Cthulhu Interview

We talked to Richard Laufenburger of De-Evolution Studios about their new Kickstarter for the card game Lil' Cthulhu. This competitive card game challenges you to get Lil' Cthulhu his toys before he throws a tantraum, causing you sanity loss. You can check out the game on Kickstarter and you really should!

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Interview with Jaye Foster from 6d6 RPG

We had the pleasure of talking to Jaye Foster from 6d6 RPG about the system and their new Kickstarter for Age of Legends. You can learn more about the 6d6 system on their website. We really love the inspiration of this setting and the ease of play of the system. Check it out before the Kickstarter ends on December 5!

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Interview with 64 oz Games

As you may know, we are big fans of accessible gaming at TRF, so when we heard there's an awesome new Kickstarter by 64 Oz Games we jumped at the opportunity to talk to them. 

The Kickstarter launches on November 10, 2015 and will go for 15 days. You can check out a preview of the Kickstarter at You can visit them online at

Please check it out and support them get a new 3D printer to help make gaming available or everyone!

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RPG Academy Interview

Caleb and Michael from RPG Academy were kind enough to come talk to us about RPG Academy, their upcoming convention AcadeCon, and their Kickstarter. Look for their Kickstarter on August 6, or you can find them at, @TheRPGAcademy, @TheCalebG, or @AcadeCon. 

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We spoke with Eloy from Third Eye Games and Phil from Encoded Designs about their Part Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter. (

You can find Eloy at and @ThirdEyeGames and Phil at and @encodeddesigns. 

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