The Redacted Files

We try the new game system Forthright in a special episode GM-ed by the game designer, Bryan Shipp. When a team of investigators discovers that the person they’ve been sent to rescue was last seen entering a home from which no one returns they make the logical choice and break in to rescue him.

This game module, Home of Lost Hope will be released this week on DriveThruRPG! The game system is already available, and we highly recommend checking it out!

GM: Bryan
Players: Aser, Jonn, Megan, Mike D. 
System: Forthright Open Roleplay

We've launched a new podcast! The Amber Clave is our new show that will release biweekly and be 100% Numenera! Join Megan, Aser, Landan, and Shaunna as we venture back into the Ninth World.

Intro & Outro Music:
Port_City_Music_-_29_-_Night_Terrors from ‘Silber Sounds of Halloween’

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